How to Buy online

Bulk ordering

Sign up for an account for easy purchase, and track item of interest

Step 1: Find your item

If you know the Model Number, search bar aids the fastest resolution.

The Product tab gives the option to step by step navigation Until you find the ideal Solution.

Use filters to narrow down the search with the Specifications.

Step 2: Learn about the item you found

All the items have a description alongside for an easy reference.

Step 3: Buy Items Online

Add item of interest to the cart.

For your convinience make the purchases together for faster and better shipping and delivery options.

Step 4 : Payment

You can use Credit, Debit or Cash on delivery (For selected items) payment mode

Go to your Shopping Cart and Check out the items you order. You can check the Quantity of products and continue to purchase by clicking the "Proceed to Checkout"